Uncontested Divorce

Uncontested divorce

Getting an uncontested divorce in Texas

The main purpose of a divorce is to terminate your marriage, divide your property and debts, and determine child custody and child support. 

If your relationship is at an end, it is best to separate, establish new residences, divide your assets and debts as best you can, before you incur the expense of a divorce.

Texas is a no-fault state. This means a divorce will be granted if either party asks for one. No reasons need be given.

Uncontested divorce is also known as a quickie divorce

With an uncontested divorce property and debts are divided in a fair and equitable manner, which is usually a 50/50 split. This can change if there are valid reasons.

The law has established standard guidelines for child support and visitation to help eliminate parents fighting over these issues.

Once the divorce is filed

Once it is filed, the law requires a 60 day cooling off period, which means one must wait for 60 before the court can terminate the marriage.

This sixty day period is a perfect time to work out an agreement with your ex-spouse.

At the end of the 60 days, a written agreement is prepared and signed by the parties and then filed with the court. One of the parties will need to appear in court and ask the court to grant the divorce. This is referred to as a prove up.


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