Adopt a Child (Child Adoption)


Adopting a child in Texas

Under the law, a child can only have two living parents. If the natural parents are alive, one or both will need to relinquish their rights as a parent before there can be an adoption. This is common with stepchildren.

Want to adopt a child? First navigate  the court system

Before adopting a child can be granted, the courts will need to make sure that the change will be in the best interest of the child. This will require the court to appoint a social worker to conduct a social study into the new living arrangements for the child. The social worker will make a report to the court either recommending or rejecting the change.

The court will also appoint an attorney to represent the child and to make sure the bests interest of the child are taken care of.

After all studies and reports have been filed with the court, a hearing will be held in front of the court. The judge will either grantor or deny the adoption.

Child adoption and their natural parent

If a natural parent is deceased, the process is the same, but the dead parent does not need to relinquish rights.

Adult adoption in Texas

An Adult Adoption is much easier. Basically, if an adult wants to be adopted the court will usually allow it if the proper forms are filed.  People adopt adults primarily for inheritance rights.

The Steinbach Law Firm can represent you in a child adoption or an adult adoption in Dallas, Collin, Tarrant or Denton County in Texas.

If both parents agree on all terms of the adoption the fee is $1500 plus the court filing fees, which is about $350.

Email us at for more information, or you can call us at 972-960-1850 and speak directly with a lawyer.


Email us at for more information, or you can call us at 972-960-1850 and speak directly with a lawyer.

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